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Utah cheddar rubbed with ancient sea salt and honey

Winner of 3 major awards

Seahive is a true expression of the flavors of Utah. Sweet and creamy, we rub the rind of this Utah cheddar with local wildflower honey and ancient salt. Yes, ancient salt. Our salt is harvested from a pristine ocean deposit in Redmond, Utah. This gives Seahive its signature pinkish hew.

What does it taste like?

Sweet and creamy. The honey on the rind elevates its inherent sweetness without becoming cloyingly sweet.

  • Fruity white wines
  • Medium bodied red wines
  • Hoppy ales
  • Ciders
  • Stone fruits
  • Berries
  • Charcuterie
  • Toasted nuts
  • Topped with jam
  • Sidecar to your apple pie
Ingredient info

Vegetarian rennet, cow's milk, all ingredients rubbed on the rind are organic, this is a gluten-friendly product


3rd Place 2018, 2019 World Cheese Awards, 3rd Place 2011 American Cheese Society

Trying to decide between the 4 oz, 12 oz, or quarter wheel?

The 4-oz cut is great for an intimate gathering. You can share this cut with four other people or hide it in your fridge and nibble away in secrecy. We won’t tell on you.

The 12-oz cut is our work horse. This one is for the for the entertainer or used in cooking. It’s enough cheese for a couple grilled cheese sammies or a party of 12-16 guests.

The 5 lb quarter wheel is perfect for large parties and weddings.


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