Extended Family of Cheese

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Are cousin Greg and aunt Sue coming to the party? Make sure you have enough for the cheese course! You know how rowdy the family can get when there isn’t enough.

The Extended Family of Cheese comes with our all star extended lineup, which means there’s a cheese for every cheddar lover on the family tree. It’s perfect for a party of 16-20... or 7 if you really believe in yourselves.

We're offering two variations! One that contains all 4-oz cuts and one that contains all 12-oz cuts of cheese.

  • Barely Buzzed
  • Seahive
  • Big John’s Cajun
  • Promontory
  • Apple Walnut Smoked
  • Teahive
  • Red Butte Hatch Chile
  • Pour Me A Slice
  • A Branded Beehive Cheese knife

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