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Barely Buzzed

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Utah cheddar rubbed with espresso and lavender

Winner of 23 major awards

Barely Buzzed is the perfect party cheese. It’s easy to pair, stunning to look at, and always the center of attention on the cheese board. Your guests will want to know more about this unique cheese, and we guarantee there will be a lively discussion about “Buzzed” whenever it’s in the room.


What does it taste like?

The espresso and lavender rub imparts notes of butterscotch and caramel, which are prevalent near the rind, but find their way to the center of the cheese. This is a full-bodied cheese with a nutty flavor and smooth texture.

Hours after it’s made, the special grind is rubbed on the rind. The 20-pound wheel ages for 6-8 months. As it ages, our cheesemakers test each batch to determine the right time to introduce the wheel into the world. And once it arrives on your doorstep, get ready for an adventure in pairing!

  • Toasted nuts
  • Chocolate
  • Berries
  • Charcuterie
Ingredient info
Vegetarian rennet, cow's milk, all ingredients rubbed on the rind are organic, this is a gluten-friendly product



1st Place American Cheese Society (ACS) 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2015

1st Place Utah Cheese Awards

1st Place Idaho Milk Processors Association (IMPA) 2017, 2018 

2nd Place World Cheese Awards (WCA) 2018, 2019 

2nd Place IMPA 2016

3rd Place ACS 2016, 2022

3rd Place WCA 2012, 2017, 2018, 2021

3rd Place IMPA 2017, 2018

The story of Barely Buzzed

Barely Buzzed was launched into the national spotlight in 2007 when it won 1st Place at the American Cheese Society Conference. If we had listened to the scientists, then Buzzed would have never existed.

In a moment of “not knowing what we didn’t know” owner and founder Tim Welsh combined whole bean coffee and a dash of lavender in a burr grinder and decided to rub it on an experimental 5 pound “baby” wheel of Promontory. The coffee was - and still is - roasted in Grand Junction, CO by Tim’s brother at Colorado Legacy Coffee Company. We use local Utah lavender, as well.

The baby wheel went off to the aging cooler and was mostly forgotten about until our cheesemaking mentors from Utah State University came to visit to see how we were doing after only a year of being in business. Pat and Tim mentioned the espresso and lavender experiment to the team of scientists. They shook their heads and launched into three highly scientific reasons why this cheese would be terrible.

They tasted this unnamed coffee-lavender dusted cheese… and they were dead wrong.  

In principle, it should have been a comedic mistake, but instead this crazy idea launched an entirely new way of “flavoring” a wheel without compromising the beautiful paste of the cheese. Now this method of rubbing only the rind of a wheel of cheese has spread across the artisan cheese community.      

In 2006, Tim and Kari attended the small, but growing American Cheese Society conference in Portland, Oregon to get feedback on their cheese. They stealthily slipped Barely Buzzed on a table at a cheese maker party and hid in the corner nervously watching conference attendees try the cheese. People loved it!

The experience was intimidating but encouraging. They headed back to Utah with renewed confidence and started working on getting Barely Buzzed ready for its competition debut at the 2007 American Cheese Society conference in Vermont.

In Vermont, Barely Buzzed took 1st place in its category and was the belle of the ball. It was all the things: exciting, innovative, and produced by a plucky unknown upstart from UTAH, of all places.

From there the demand for Barely Buzzed skyrocketed and quickly became a cult classic among cheesemongers and cheese lovers. To date, Buzzed has racked up 18 major awards.

Trying to decide between the 2/12-oz wedges or the quarter wheel?

The 12-oz cut is our work horse. This one is for the entertainer or used in cooking. It’s enough cheese for a couple grilled cheese sammies or a party of 12-16 guests. These wedges have a 3 month shelf life if kept in the original packaging. 

The 5 lb quarter wheel is perfect for large parties and weddings.


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    Cheese Wedges

    The Beehive Cheese brand promise is at the core of our everyday whey of life. This promise reflects who we are as a family-run company and our promise to our customers. If you have a problem with your cheese we will make it right. Our promise to you is simply this; Great Cheese, No Excuses.

    Apple Walnut Smoked

    This cheese is cold-smoked in small batches using local Utah walnut wood and slices of red apple. Apple Walnut Smoked has a subtle sweet and nutty flavor with a hint of smoke. 

    Pairing Suggestions
    Quality Ingredients

    Apple Walnut Smoked is made from the milk of Jersey cows from Ogden’s Wadeland South Dairy. Wadeland’s Jersey cows enjoy 350 acres near the salty marshes, ponds and mudflats of the mineral-loaded soil of the Great Salt Lake.

    Award Highlights

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    Barely Buzzed

    Unique espresso and lavender hand-rubbed cheese with subtle notes of butterscotch and caramel. Made from the milk of Jersey cows; this is a full-bodied cheese with a smooth, creamy texture. Barely Buzzed is our most popular cheese and is considered by many to be a great American original.

    Quality Ingredients

    It’s all about the rub. Colorado Legacy Fine Coffee's produces a Beehive Blend of South American, Central American, and Indonesian beans roasted in different styles exclusively for Barely Buzzed. It turns out the love for food and artisan craftsmanship runs in the family. The owner and roaster of Colorado Legacy Fine Coffee is the brother of cheesemaker Tim Welsh.

    Our unique espresso blend is then mixed with French Superior lavender buds and freshly ground onsite. The mixture is diluted with oil to suspend the dry ingredients in the rub. Rubbing the cheese produces notes of butterscotch and caramel near the rind, which find their way to the center of the cheese.

    Barely Buzzed is aged in our humidity controlled facility and then moved to two different temperatures during the aging process to develop texture and flavor.

    Pairing suggestions
    Award Highlights
    Interesting fact

    The name "Barely Buzzed" came from Andrea at Deluxe Foods in California. She was the winner of the “Name this Cheese” contest.

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    Big John's Cajun

    This spicy hand-rubbed cheese packs a heated punch as you near the rind. Made from the milk of local Jersey cows in Northern Utah, the combination of sweet creaminess and spice make it a great addition to any cheese plate.

    Quality Ingredients

    The spice is right! Our Cajun rub was developed by local Ogden, UT chef John Dearmin using only the finest ingredients. Unlike typical Cajun rub, Big John uses cayenne pepper instead of paprika. Sorry, the rest of the recipe is top secret. The spiciness of the rub is a nice compliment to the creamy texture of the cheese. Watch out, this cheese packs a heated punch as you near the rind.

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    Award Highlights

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    As the patriarch of the Beehive family of cheeses, Promontory is an Irish-style cheese with buttery, full-bodied texture and snappy, citrus-like fruity notes.

    Quality Ingredients

    Promontory, as well as all Beehive cheeses, is made from the milk of Jersey cows from Ogden’s Wadeland South Dairy. Wadeland’s Jersey cows enjoy 350 acres near the salty marshes, ponds and mudflats of the mineral-loaded soil of the Great Salt Lake. The same nutrient-rich soil that feeds thousands of migrating birds, feeds the lush alfalfa that the cows love to eat.

    Pairing Suggestions
    Award Highlights
    Interesting Fact

    Jersey cows are the smallest, and arguably the cutest, of dairy cow breeds. Despite their small size, they produce milk with the highest protein and fat content. Higher fat and protein means the milk is creamier. This is why Beehive cheese crafts such beautifully creamy cheese. 

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    Red Butte Hatch Chile

    Beehive Cheese has a passion—to return to simple, local food. Our company’s efforts to use local ingredients gives our cheese and our company a sense of place.  This sense of place holds true for one of our oldest charitable partners, Red Butte Garden at the University of Utah and their mission to connect people with plants and the beauty of living landscapes. 

    Beginning in 2018, Beehive Cheese Company will donate 3% of the gross sales of Red Butte Hatch Chile cheese to Red Butte Garden to further their efforts to maintain a place where nature and people connect.  

    It makes sense for us to align with this local partner to create, support and make a difference in our community.  Buy some Red Butte Hatch Chile cheese today and help us support the landscape and lifestyle we love.

    Quality Ingredients

    Loaded with New Mexican Hatch Chiles, Red Butte Hatch Chile is proving to be one of our most popular cheeses among fans.  We mix spicy chilies into the cheese which are then pressed into the curd.  

    Our signature rub contains dried chiles and spices which bring out floral and savory notes in the base cheese.

    Pairing suggestions

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    Hand-rubbed with local honey and Redmond RealSalt®, Seahive is a beautifully balanced treat. Made from the milk of Jersey cows in northern Utah, this is a full-bodied cheese with a smooth, creamy texture. SeaHive is shaping up to be one of our best cheeses. It is a true expression of our local flavors, superior quality and creativity.

    Quality Ingredients

    From the land of salt and honey. Our Seahive is hand-rubbed with wildflower honey harvested from a local farm and RealSalt® sea salt. RealSalt® is harvested from an ancient sea bed near Redmond, Utah and contains unique flecks of color from more than 50 natural trace minerals.

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    Leave it to the Beehive family to create another unique, delicious cheese!  Teahive is a “feel good” cheese. The soothing qualities of tea and the relaxing properties of bergamot combine to produce a lovely cheese with rich fragrances of orange blossoms in April. The creaminess of this Jersey cow cheese immediately delights the palate and the complexities of the tea-rubbed rind continue through the finish.

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    Fully Loaded

    Fully Loaded is fortified with rye whiskey. Bold and spicy, with hints of cinnamon, anise, and honey. The rye whiskey imparts a complex kick to Beehive’s creamy, Irish-style cow’s milk cheese

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