Big John's Cajun - Cheesemonger Info

 Flavor Profile 
  • Creamy texture
  • Garlicky
  • Spicy 

Quick Facts

  • Cheddar
  • Rind rubbed with Cajun seasoning
  • Vegetarian rennet
  • Pasteurized cow's milk

Drink Pairings 

  • Pilsner 
  • Mead
  • Hard cider


  • Store between 33-40 degrees. Avoid fluctuations outside this range, which can cause the cheese to gas off (a.k.a. blowing).
  • To avoid cross contamination, avoid storing near bloomy rind cheeses.
  • If the quarter has blown in its original packaging and no mold is present, you can leave it in the packaging if it's out of public view. It's perfectly fine to consume. Cheese is a living being that likes to breathe a little.
  • Feel free to rewrap or reseal the blown quarter. If that doesn't do it, email and we'll fix it.
  • If the 4-oz retail wedges have blown, contact and we'll fix it.

How to cut & wrap Big John's Cajun

  • There should be rind present on every retail cut. Check out the video above for a visual. Yes, it is a video of Barely Buzzed, but Big John's Cajun should be cut the same way.  
  • Tight plastic wrap is the best for Big John's Cajun to mitigate mold. Cheese paper, while sexy, reduces shelf life after cutting.

What if there's mold present?

  • For quarter wheels, if the cheese is within date and has a few spots of white, blue, or green mold, brush off the spots and cover up bald spot with surrounding rub. Seek a credit if the mold is so pervasive that it cannot be brushed off. For 4-oz wedges in the original packaging, contact your distributor to seek a credit.
  • If you see orange, red, or black mold, discard this cheese and contact your distributor.