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Utah cheddar with Black Truffle Carpaccio

What does it taste like?

Earth-brown truffles contrast beautifully with the creamy white Utah cheddar underneath. The rub on the exterior consists of Regalis Black Truffle Carpaccio, honey and truffle salt. This cheese has a savory nose with earthy tones and a delicious mushroom finish. Add this to your holiday celebrations! Available in 12oz wedges and 5-pound quarter wheels!

    • Salami
    • Prosciutto
    • Toasted nuts
    • Crostini
    Ingredient info

    Vegetarian rennet, cow's milk, Regalis Black Truffle Carpaccio, honey, and truffle salt. This is a gluten-friendly product

    • 1st Place Idaho Milk Processors Association 2019

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