Little Ruthie in the creamery
❤️ You can have an adventure, invest in your family, fulfill a new dream, and learn a new trade all without having to move out of state. That’s what Ruthie taught us, and it made perfect sense once she said it. Really though, the lightbulb went off and it was an instant “oh duh” moment. We’d like to take a moment to talk more about this sweet, gritty, incredible woman, so pull up a stool.

Ruthie was the “why not?” and “can do!” of Beehive Cheese. Invested from the start, she knew the venture meant more family time and it meant learning something new. So much of her went to the business. She helped package curds, make cheese, put ribbons on boxes… she set the pace and expected others to follow. If someone on the line was going slower than she thought necessary she’d shout out “We’re backing up in here!” This eventually became everyone’s favorite mantra. She wasn’t immune to it herself, though. At the end of each day she’d go around with a wash cloth picking up stray curds and slowing down the cleaning process for everybody else.

When Ruthie couldn’t come in, she called instead. Every day she wanted to know what was going on, what was new, genuinely interested in what and how everyone was doing. Every action of Ruthie’s was genuine. She wanted everyone to succeed, blood relation or not. We’re going to miss those phone calls. We’re going to miss Ruthie.