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Seasoned Cheddars That Turn Heads

Check out our write-up in the New York Times by Florence Fabricant. 

Seal for 2021-2022 World Cheese Awards


The World Cheese Awards Box includes:

  1. Queen Bee Porcini - Super Gold Medal: Beehive’s newest cheddar rubbed with crushed porcini mushrooms
  2. Red Butte Hatch Chile - Gold Medal: Rubbed and tumbled with New Mexico Hatch chiles
  3. Promontory - Silver Medal: Base cheddar aged 6-months
  4. Seahive - Silver Medal: Rubbed with Redmond Real Salt and local wildflower honey
  5. Teahive - Silver Medal: Rubbed with Earl Grey tea
  6. Pour Me A Slice - Bronze Medal: Infused with Basil Hayden whiskey
  7. Barely Buzzed - Bronze Medal: Rubbed with espresso and lavender

The World Cheese Awards is a two day event that started in 1897 and is the most recognized international cheese competition in Europe. Cheeses from five continents are submitted to a pane who spend those two days tasting and evaluating each cheese.

All Beehive's cheeses are cheddar based with a rubbed rind, using Promontory as the base.

If you're looking to pair any of these cheeses with a wine, we recommend a medium-bodied red wine like a Sangiovese with Promontory, Barely Buzzed, Red Butte Hatch Chile, and Queen Bee Porcini. For fruity white wines like Chardonnay, definitely go Seahive and Teahive. Any whiskey based cocktail goes beautifully with a cut of Pour Me A Slice.

We're offering two variations; one that contains 4oz cuts and one that contains 12oz cuts of cheese. The 4oz selection feeds 8 people, or is perfect for the person or couple who likes having midnight snacks or grilled cheese sammies. Mmmm, sammies… The 12oz selection is perfect for a party of 16-20... or 7 if you really believe in yourselves. Also, it ships for free!

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