Support Red Butte Garden

When you purchase this offering, we donate $5 to Red Butte Garden!   

Two years ago, we committed to donating 3% of gross sales of Red Butte Hatch Chile to benefit the Red Butte Garden. To date, we’ve given $32,000!

This holiday we’re offering another special gift to benefit the Garden. Enjoy a taste of local with this perfect Utah collection!

  • Red Butte Hatch Chile (12-oz) - This cheese is an expression of love for the landscape of the American Southwest; the rind is almost as stunning as a Canyonlands vista. Creamy and smoky with a proper balance of heat. The New Mexico Hatch Chiles in the paste provide depth and smokiness.  

  • Seahive (12-oz) - Sweet and creamy, we rub the rind of this Utah cheddar with local wildflower honey and ancient salt. Yes, ancient salt. Our salt is harvested from a pristine ocean deposit in Redmond, Utah. This gives Seahive its signature pinkish hew. 

  • Promontory (12-oz) - Sweet and creamy with snappy fruity notes. We’re known for our rubbed-rind cheeses and Promontory is our base cheese. This Utah original gets its name from Promontory Summit, the historic location where the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific Railroad lines linked 150 years ago.

  • Hatch Chile Cheese Curds (4oz) - Fresh squeaky cheese curds! Each bag of Hatch Chile Curds is hand-tossed with a generous amount of authentic New Mexican chilies and will take your day from an 8 to a 10!


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