Oregon Truffle Promontory

Limited-edition collaboration with the Oregon Truffle Festival 

Oregon Truffle Festival

12-oz wedge

Did you know that Oregon is brimming with delicious native truffles that rival the taste and quality of those found in France and Italy? It’s true! 

Oregon Truffle Promontory is a limited-edition collaboration with our friends at the Oregon Truffle Festival. We’ve truffled our award-winning cheddar, Promontory, with Oregon’s finest white truffles. The result is a rich and creamy cheddar with the perfect balance of earthiness. The greatest truffle flavor will be found near the rind.  

This cheese has been truffled in a very special way. As a truffle ripens and matures, it releases powerful aromas that can be detected by pups from underground. This happens seasonally. Only mature truffles should be harvested since they are at the peak of awesomeness. Their aroma is so powerful, we “truffle” the cheese by simply putting the two in a closed environment in close proximity to each other. Over time, the truffle aroma permeates the wheel of cheese and makes itself at home. When enjoying the cheese, be sure to eat it at room temperature to really allow the aromas to bloom.