It's a Beehive Party! (12-oz)

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The Bad Mama Jama in the gift box bunch. Totally stacked and ready to be as "fine as she can be" at your party, this built box is a whopping 60 ounces of cheese that will last at least 90 days for all your needs. The party box also contains Slide Ridge honey and artisan crackers to round out the flavors of of the cheeses, all to make pairings that are perfect in every dimension.

This gift contains:

    12 oz. Wedge of Barely Buzzed
    12 oz. Wedge of Promontory
    12 oz. Wedge of Seahive
    12 oz. Wedge of Apple Walnut Smoked
    12 oz. Wedge of Red Butte Hatch Chile
    1 - Jar of Slide Ridge Honey
    1 - Box of Rustic Bakery Artisan Crackers
    1 - Cutting Board
    1 - Victorinox Knife 

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