As Seen on Food Network! This new cheese won Super Gold at the World Cheese Awards.

Extra Aged Rosemary Promontory

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Promontory rubbed with rosemary & aged 5 1/2  years

20 cuts left! Once she's gone, she's gone forever. Don't miss out.

In the early hours of Tuesday, August 23, 2016, the Wadeland Dairy milk truck backed up to our creamery to deliver the morning’s supply of Jersey cow’s milk. Within a few hours we were making wheels of this beautifully aged, one-of-a-kind cheese.     

At an astonishing 4 years old, Rosemary Promontory is the oldest cheese we have in our aging coolers. You are beyond lucky to receive this wedge before it’s gone forever. Our cheese does not usually stick around for that long before it’s sent out to find a home.  

After our Utah cheddar reaches about the 2-year mark, alchemy takes over. The cultures and seasonal composition of the milk must be in perfect balance to age past that point. Since we make artisan cheese, it can be difficult to replicate that balance with an extra aged cheese.  

This batch was a special order produced for a local customer long long ago. Seriously, why does 4 years seem like a decade ago?!?! As we always do (ya know, for science!) we hung on to a few wheels for our experimental aging library.

Enjoy this sharp, creamy, woodsy library cheese through the holidays. Pair it with cured meats and dried fruit. Serve with jammy wines, Rhones, or a Super Tuscan. An IPA on the lower IBU scale will pair nicely, as well.   

“What in heck are those white spots on the rind?” Calcium lactate crystals! These magical calcium lactate crystals form with age. The crystallization process begins when proteins collide over time and form a nucleation site. The nucleation site attracts more proteins, and the size of the crystals will grow to form a delicious little crunchy deposit.

  • Rhone
  • Sangiovese
  • A fancy Chianti
  • Literally any holiday appetizer spread

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