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Cheese for a Cause, Planet Cheese, Janet Fletcher Mar. 27, 2018
"Qusadillas, you bet. Burgers, of course... This creation from Utah's Beehive Cheese will soon be starrin in those dishes... accross the country."  Find out about the release of our new Red Butte Hatch Chile debuted by Janet Fletcher, the renowned cheese blogger.

ZAGAT - Cheeses are catching on in Utah. Here's Why. - Ep. 27, Feb. 22, 2018
Zagat, the restaurant rating company, spent a day making cheese with the Beehive team.  Watch as Britton Welsh shows what makes Beehive Cheese special.

William Sonoma Artisan Stories: Beehive Cheese Co., Nov. 27, 2017
"Life took [Beehive Cheese Co.] from corporate to artisan."

Deseret News: Beehive Cheese examle of local company going global, Sept. 7, 2017
"Beehive Cheese is a prime example of how a homegrown, family-owned startup can successfully go global."

The Urban Farm & Garden Show, Episode 52 Mar. 13, 2015
Check out this interview with Pat Ford at minute 29.

Kristin Jorgensen, Sonoma Valley Sun Oct. 3, 2013
"I never imagined that two of my favorite things would ever collide, would ever happily mingle in my mouth at the exact same time, but just the other day, coffee and cheese did just that."

Jeanette Hurt, Wine Enthusiast October 2012
"This Utah Cheddar is rubbed with crushed, freshly roasted coffee beans and lavender buds. Its velvety sweetness has a cocoa-esque edge that marries perfectly with Zinfandel’s berry fruit."

Gordon Edgar, August 2012
"Once upon a time these folks called me up asking for a quote for an episode of the Today Show where their Barely Buzzed was going to be featured. I don’t know if they have ever really forgiven me for responding with, “Finally, a cheese with stuff in it that doesn’t suck!”

Janet Fletcher, San Francisco Chronicle September 2011
“A room-temperature slice of Promontory has an attractive buttery color and an aroma that reminds me of warm buttered bread.... I consider it a well-made, well-priced cheddar for snacking or sandwiches, if not for extended contemplation.”

Sue Riedl, The Glode and Mail  August 2011
"I also fell in love with a cheese called Barely Buzzed from Beehive Cheese Company in Utah that took first prize in its category. The exterior of the buttery cheese is rubbed with a blend of coffee beans and lavender buds. It sounds strange, but trust me, it works and is now available at Sobeys."

Domenica Marchetti, The Washington Post January 2010
"I was smitten from my first bite."

Big Budah, Good Day Utah Fox 13 June 2012
Hilarity ensues when Big Budah takes a bite of a giant wheel of Beehive cheese on air. Pop over to minute 1:50 for a good laugh.

Edge on the Net, May 2012
The Savory Flavors of Utah’s Award-Winning Cuisine

Spenser Magazine, May/June 2012
Time for Tea

Katrina E. Whitney, Ogden Indie March 2012
A review of Beehive Cheese

Tabitha Alterman May 24, 2011
Mother Earth News lists Barely Buzzed as one of their favorite American-made hard, salty cheeses

Claire Koenig, Silver Chips Online March 2011
Beehive Cheese goes big with grilled cheese in D.C.

Karen Silverston, Deli Business February/March 2011 PAGE 44
Beehive Cheese recognized by Deli Business Magazine as a fabulous cheddar

Garrett McCord, Epi-log February 2011
According to Epicurious, Barely Buzzed is a perfect cheese

Paula Hendrickson, Cheese Conniosseur (pdf) Spring 2011
“Seductive, alluring, sensual cheese.”

Tami Parr, Special to MIX June 2012
"For Portland's coffee-obsessed culture, Barely Buzzed is the antithesis of the nonfat latte -- it's not only got coffee but also lots of butterfat."

Jennifer Sendrow, The Radio Blog June 2010
Martha Stewart names Beehive Cheese as one of the 10 foods to try in 2010

Janet Flectcher, June 2010
Barely Buzzed is so fine!

Utah State University, Reseatch Matters June 2010
Beehive Cheese is part of a rich heritage of tradition

JJ Goode, May 2010
"With its caramely, salty kick and coffee-tinged finish, this cleverly named Cheddar-like cheese has put the Beehive State on the lactic map."

Brad Gillman, Standard-Examiner February 2010
Pleasing the Standard-Examiner with Beehive Cheese

Fiona Beckett, The Cheeselover January 2010
"I don't normally like flavoured cheeses but I thought it was great - as did one of the city's cheese gurus Tia Keenan who put together the cheese programme at Casellula."

Karen Hochman, The Nibble August 2009
We're a top pick with The Nibble Magazine

Janet Fletcher, San Francisco Chronicle February 2009
Barely Buzzed is buzzworthy!