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Monthly Cheese Subscription

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Subscribe to this reoccurring monthly box of cheesy fun. It's curated with all of our favorite pairings.

Sign up once and experience the thrill of a new tasting experience each month! When you sign up, you'll be billed monthly via ReCharge. The cost of shipping is included in the monthly price.

Each box will include a minimum of

  • 3 cuts of cheese, which is at least one full pound of cheese
  • 3 perfectly paired accompaniments! We'll rotate the monthly pairings with other specialty crackers, meats, jams, etc.
  • A detailed insert telling you about all the goodies

Future estimated arrival dates

Thankful November 18-20
Jolly December 16-18
Sparkly January 20-22
Lovely February 17-19
Mad March 17-19
Apres April 21-23
Spring into May 19-21
June 16-18
July 21-23
August 18-20
September 22-24

Please read the important details below

  • You won't want to, but you can cancel at any time. You can also change your delivery address if you need to.  

  • This product is not eligible for purchase with any discount codes. Because we are a small family-owned business, we use a couple different programs to make our website affordable and keep our prices reasonable. Unfortunately, discount codes will not work with our subscription app.    

  • Purchase this subscription without anything else in your cart. Please do not add on additional items. Additional items can be purchased in a new, separate transaction.    

  • If you’re buying a subscription as a gift for multiple individuals with different addresses, please order one at a time using separate transactions. This only applies to the subscription products on our website.     

  • With the exception of your initial purchase, all future transactions will occur on the 10th of each month.
  • No matter when you purchase the subscription, boxes will ship on the 3rd Tuesday of each month to arrive two days later. Since cheese is a perishable item, subscription boxes should be opened and placed in the the fridge immediately. All new subscriptions must be received by the 10th of each month for guaranteed delivery the same month.

Curious about past subscription shipments? Check out what we did earlier this year.

    May 2020 Pour Me A Slice Box: 4oz wedge of Pour Me A Slice, 4-oz wedge of Trufflehive, 1 Creminelli Finocchio Salami, 1 jar of Black Mission Fig spread by Amour Spreads, Beehive branded cutting board. Check out the May box insert here

    June 2020 Barely Buzzed Box: 4oz wedge of Barely Buzzed, 4-oz wedge of Beevino, 4-oz wedge of Point Reyes Original Blue, Glazed Almonds, Slide Ridge Honey. Check out the June box insert here

    July 2020 Seahive Box: 4oz wedge of Seahive, 4oz wedge of Sunday Gin cheddar , 1 mini goat brie from Park City Creamery, 1 Olive oil and Sel Gris Flatbread bites, 6oz Sun-dried peaches, 4-oz jar of Marrionberry Jam from Amour Spreads Check out the July box insert here

    Victory Cheese #chooseitorloseit

    This specific offering is part of a larger grass roots initiative organized by American cheese professionals in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

    Like the Victory Garden movement of a by-gone era, this Victory Cheese Box is a call for citizens to step up and choose domestically-produced cheese and support our shrinking industry. Each cheese in this box manifests the unique intent of its maker and reflects a commitment to quality in farming, cheesemaking, and deliciousness in every bite.

    This is our Victory Cheese box, and whenever possible, we pledge to support other artisan domestic cheesemakers by including them in our boxes.

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