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Ruthie's Ricotta (2/8-oz bags)

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1 pound of fresh ricotta

This is so exciting! We're now making small batches of fresh ricotta. The ricotta will arrive in two 8-oz packs, which amounts to one pound. This is enough for a batch of lasagna.

Ruthie's Ricotta is named after the matriarch of the Beehive Cheese family, Little Ruthie. Gathering with family and enjoying a meal together was one of her favorite things. We couldn't think of any better way to honor her than to dedicate our Fresh Ricotta to her memory. Learn more about our amazing Ruthie here.

Enjoy this sweet and creamy cheese on top of pasta, spread on crostini, or baked into a muffin.

Because there are no additives or preservatives, this product has a shelf life of 7 days.



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