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Mother's Day Wine and Cheese Pairing

April 21, 2021

Mother's Day Wine and Cheese Pairing

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Beehive Cheese & a Virtual Wine Tasting

We hear your mom’s pretty cool, so we put together a little thing so she can hang with us! Check out this virtual Mother’s Day experience slated for May 8th at 5:00 p.m. MST.

Beehive’s Heather Cox and Sommelier James Santangelo of the Wine Academy of Utah are hosting an interactive Zoom tasting for all the cool moms out there. Together they will walk mom through a pairing of different wine styles with our Family of Cheese gift offering.

Really, this event is for anybody who wants to join and talk wine and cheese. 

Here’s how to join this event. Heads up, it requires two separate purchases:

    Step 1: Purchase a Family of Cheese or an Extended Family of Cheese and have it delivered to mom’s door (or yours).

    Step 2: Head over to the Wine Academy of Utah’s Event page to register for the event and to receive:

    • The list of Wine Styles to purchase. Due to Utah alcohol laws (I know, I know) we cannot ship you wine, you will need to procure the wine. Don't worry, we'll tell you what to buy.   
    • Live and interactive Sommelier pairing presentation
    • Receive a .pdf to print of the custom Wine Tasting Mat
    • Receive the Zoom invite link for the online presentation
    James Santangelo

    So... who is this fella, James Santangelo?

    James’s wine career started at a hot dog stand in New York state. Fancy, right?! 

    Working the grill during the humid summers in Western New York, he’d greet customers as they arrived by shouting, “Whatcha want? Whatcha got?”— and the banter between the ‘grill man’ and customers began. After moving to Salt Lake City, he traded the charcoal grill for fine dining. 

    James fell in love with the fast-paced environment of the floors of Utah’s top-rated restaurants. He quickly made the decision to continue his culinary education, being especially motivated by wine’s power to enhance the dining experience. He took that passion and excitement with him into his studies to become a certified Sommelier and an Educator. 

    Now instead of “How many dogs?” it’s “How ‘bout a little ‘splishy splash’ to get you started tonight?”

    A decade later and James now has an internationally recognized wine academy, his Wine Academy of Utah. Both Katie Schall and Chef Heather Cox of Beehive Cheese have even achieved their WSET Level 1 Wine Certification through the Academy! We know first-hand Jim’s awesomeness.   

    You’ll be dazzled by his fun and approachable style of teaching wine and food pairings. Seriously, leave the top hat and monocle at the virtual door. Jim is an entertaining and enthusiastic educator who never lost that “behind the grill” banter to his fine dining training.  

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