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Project Promontory

April 03, 2020

Project Promontory

Project Promontory was born out of kindness and necessity. It’s one part helping the community access a versatile, budget-friendly cheddar, and one part keeping our staff motivated in a time of uncertainty.

Right now it’s hard to imagine any high points in this situation we’re all finding ourselves in. It’s like we’re stuck in quicksand. But this is why now, more than ever, we need to stick together as a community. A low point is relative to its high point and we at Beehive Cheese have never met a high point we weren’t willing to rise up to. We want to make the best out of a turbulent situation. We have an opportunity to make simple changes to do good for our community. We’ve already committed to donating 2600 pounds of cheese to our local food banks to support those who are the most food insecure (that’s about 135 wheels of cheese!). But we know there’s still more that we can do.

Beehive makes handcrafted, artisan cheese most people consider a “special occasion” kind of treat. Something to send as a gift or serve at a party. While our fans have continued to support us, we know that with financial difficulties, splurging for your favorite cheese at $22 per pound may prove... difficult. That’s why we’ve committed to dropping the price of our most versatile, shelf-stable cheese, Promontory, by 50% until business-as-usual resumes. We’re calling this Project Promontory.

In January, we were charging forward with excitement fueled by the strong year we’d just had. 2019 delivered tremendous growth in the company, new faces, and huge opportunities. Forecasts and goals were set and our enthusiasm for 2020 (our 15th year in business!) was unstoppable.  

Until… things… started… to… unfold…

As COVID-19 made its way through China and Italy, serious talks in our leadership meetings began about the inevitable arrival of the virus in the U.S. We started looking at the cheese production forecasts that we had just put together and knew that a slowdown was bound to happen. We knew it was up to us to control what we could control and press on (see what I did there?).

We made a promise to do everything within our power to support our employees, vendor partners, and community. To us, that meant holding each other up above the rising tide of uncertainty and staying safe from the rough waters below. A secure promontory.    

Project Promontory is the right thing for our community. We need to keep buying the high quality milk from Wade’s Dairy, we need to keep our staff employed, and we need to offer a cheese that fits the budget of a nation tightening their belts and hunkering down.

This change to our Promontory pricing is now available online and we’ve invited our partners in distribution to accept the price decrease on the condition that they pass along the savings to customers at the register. Many of our partners have signed on to this pledge and the support has been overwhelming.

We’re so proud to be a part of this caring community and we are reminded everyday that there is room for everybody to hold each other up on this promontory overlooking a sea of uncertainty.