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Helping Friends with Cheese

March 15, 2020

Helping Friends with Cheese

Today we've committed to donating 3% of Beehive online sales to local Utah indie restaurants. Read on to see how Beehive is supporting the community and how you can help us help our food service friends.   

This morning, Chloee and Warren Buchanan delivered a donation of 1,160 pounds (~58 wheels) of Beehive Cheese to the Lantern House shelter in Downtown Ogden. Additionally, we sent 648 Creminelli salami and 756 boxes of Rustic Bakery crackers to supplement the donation. These items will be combined by Lantern House staff to make “brown bag” take-away meals for those who are food insecure. 

As we move forward with community-minded measures, like social distancing, we know that certain industries will be hit hard due to closures, reduced schedules and pay. Please consider ordering take-out or buying gift certificates from your local indies.

If you were already thinking of buying some Beehive Cheese to brighten the mood, then we encourage you to do so this March. Today we’ve committed to donating 3% of March’s web sales to local restaurants to keep cash moving into these businesses.   

Honestly, we had other fun things and promotions planned this March, but it seemed really odd to continue as if nothing was going on. Sure, we’ve carried on with our Instagram #MunchMadness tournament, but sending out salesy emails doesn’t seem right. Now when you buy online, you can have award-winning cheese in your fridge, help our family-owned creamery, and help support the restaurants that have supported us over the years.  

We appreciate any support you can give to those who will be the hardest hit during this tough time. Thank you in advance for helping your neighbors and banding together.